Survale to Exhibit at 2016 Talent Aquisition Tech Conference

CandE Awards Sponsor Survale will be exhibiting at booth #308 at the upcoming Talent Acquisition Tech Conference, November 15-16, 2016. Survale will be demonstrating its “always-on” candidate satisfaction capability within its state-of-the-art Employer Satisfaction Platform. Survale integrates with your career site and ATS to gather candidate feedback and online behavior, providing organizations an up-to-the-minute view[…]

candidate experience survey

Survale’s 2016 Candidate Experience Survey

Survale’s 2016 Candidate Experience Survey is now available for free download. It’s no surprise that successful organizations pride themselves on building the highest caliber workforce possible. In the face of low unemployment and scarcity of available talent, companies today heavily invest in the process of recruiting, onboarding and subsequently retaining highly valued employees. With the[…]

Employer Brand Surveys

The Ins and Outs of Employer Brand

Branding has become the most overused concept in the world of business these days. Everyone now has a “personal” brand. Brand ambassadors roam the world reinforcing brands. Even artists and musicians who cringe at the concept of “brand” all end up with one. Brand now has a negative brand. So forgive us this discussion of employer branding.[…]

Measure employee engagement, candidate satisfaction and more

The Employer Satisfaction Era

Employee engagement, candidate satisfaction, employer brand affinity.  These are big concerns for modern organizations.  These metrics have huge implications for your ability to hire, motivate and retain the very employees that will determine your success or failure as a business. Yet few companies have consistent, formal processes for analyzing and managing them.  A typical organization[…]

Employer brand experience needs to be measured

Employer Brand: How do you Measure?

Employer brand is a hot topic in today’s hiring environment.  Developing and amplifying your employer brand used to be a small component of a recruiting strategy.  Lately, driven by increasing talent shortages and competition for specialized skills, employer branding is taking center stage as a key component of a strategy that aims for a sustained, proactive advantage in meeting hiring demand within an organization. […]